These templates are for if you come across an article that needs improving in some way. Of course you yourself should have a go at doing the revision but if that is not possible, please attach the correct tag so that others can do so.

Template Name Example Where to use

General Cleanup

If the article has a number of faults, then place this tag either at the bottom of the article or inside the particular section that needs it. If possible, use one of the specific tags below, but if more than two are needed, use this tag.

Sounds like an Advert

This article reads like an advertisement.
Please clean it up to conform to a higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in tone.
See How to Edit and Style and How-to for help, or this article's talk page.
If an article sounds like it's an advert for a website, place or event rather than a balanced piece of writing about it, you should use this tag. [While it might have been written by an advocate of the place it speaks of, it still might be worth listing so try rewriting page in to an article about the site, place or event.]

Lacking Context

The introduction of this article does not provide enough context for readers unfamiliar with the subject.
Please fix the article if you are familiar with it.
The introduction section of an article should be understandable to anyone who reads the article, even if they have no background knowledge. Please try to rewrite the opening section to make it easier to understand, even if the rest of the article is technical in language. Place this tag just under the opening section before other sections of the article.


This article needs to be wikified. Please format this article according to the guidelines laid out at Wikipedia:Guide to layout.
PhiladelphiaWiki uses a special syntax to format its pages so they are easier to read to editors. It is discouraged to use HTML tags whenever possible, as this can lead to confusion to users who have not written web pages before. It is also slower to edit HTML than wiki syntax.
If you find a page mostly written in HTML, please add this tag to the bottom of the page.

Copyediting Needed

This article needs copyediting (checking for proper English spelling, grammar, usage, etc.)
If a page is sound in content but is riddled with typos, grammatical errors and so forth, apply this tag. Please try running the content through a word processor to help you find mistakes.

References needed

This article does not cite its references or sources. You can help PhiladelphiaWiki by adding appropriate ones.
You should try to cite what your sources of information are when editing topics. It's not always needed, but in the case of disputes over content, having a source to refer to is very useful. Attach this tag if you see an article which maybe sounds a little dubious and lacks a source to back it up. If no source is forthcoming, try and find one yourself before contacting an administrator over the possibly untrue content.